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You can burn full body fat with this yoga practice in 20 minutes

In 20 minutes, you can burn all of your body fat with this yoga practise

American Yogini explains a yoga exercise that will help you burn complete body fat in this video. This yoga practise is suitable for anyone, including those who have only recently begun to learn yoga.

They claim that doing yoga in the morning will help you lose weight. This is attributable to a variety of factors, including:

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  • You have an empty stomach in the morning, and yoga has no negative effects on your stomach.
  • Yoga on an empty stomach increases digestion, which aids in weight loss.
  • Yoga in the morning helps to regulate your hunger. So, if you eat more than your body requires, it will naturally
  • decrease over time. Of course, eating the appropriate foods will help you lose weight.
  • After a good night’s sleep, you are energised and your body is capable of practising yoga.
  • Morning air is also the purest, which is incredibly good to your health. And breathing is the most important aspect of yoga.
  • You are least stressed in the morning, so you may fully concentrate on your yoga practise.

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Let us now discuss this yoga practise –

  • First and foremost, she is performing Tadasana. This is an excellent way to begin your yoga practise.
  • After that, Erica teaches Uttanasana. This will stretch the abdominal muscles, resulting in less belly fat. By lowering abdominal fat, you will automatically lose weight.
  • Following that, the plank position was explained. This will help you tone your abdominal muscles. This pose will also strengthen the muscles in the rear of the body.
  • Erica is teaching Surya Namaskar after the plank position. This will get you warmed up nicely. (Learn more about the advantages of warming up.)
  • She then performs Shalabhasan, Dhanurasana, Ustrasan, and Balasan.
  • It’s worth noting that as Erica’s yoga practise improves, the asanas she teaches will exert pressure on your waist and thighs, which will help you lose weight.

By performing all of these yogasanas, you will also experience relief from the following issues and your body will feel more active –

  • source of anxiety
  • Back ache
  • Hip discomfort.


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