Yoga Teacher Training Course of 200 Hours

The comprehensive instruction will educate you with the tenets of yoga philosophy and history, as well as assist you in enhancing and comprehending yoga asanas in tandem with their influence on anatomy. Every day, you’ll practise pranayama, meditation, and chanting to understand their strengthening and balancing properties. You will be taught how to become a fantastic yoga instructor by gaining an understanding of the yogic area, diet, and cleaning routines.

“Explore your options for becoming a yoga instructor by enrolling in forthcoming yoga trainer 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh from Yoga Classes in India.”

Take your first step into something that will certainly transform your life. Upon completion of this 28-day yoga teacher education course, you will be a skilled trainer with all of the necessary equipment, abilities, and insights to assist you on your voyage. You might be able to construct flows for the dispersion of class types. This broad and well-supported course will help you better understand the traditional practises of Indian yogi leaders.

200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh india


Every third month, a new batch of 200-hour yoga teacher training in India yoga trainer schooling in Rishikesh begins. Yoga classes in India primarily focus on yoga instructor education courses for beginners, middle, and advanced level yoga students. This workshop is intended for everyone who wants to learn how to practise yoga. We offer the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh right here.

We teach daily yoga, meditation, and philosophy in our 200-hour yoga ttc course. Yoga trainer training in Rishikesh comprises demonstrations of asanas in detail, ways of performing them, correct posture alignments, partnering, and supporting fellow yoga students.

The 200-hour yoga trainer education course includes hath yoga, which is an exercise and study of an expansion of classical hatha yoga. The path incorporates asana as well as pranayama, meditation, and philosophy.


Additional Information


  • Yoga, meditation, and philosophy lessons are held every day.
  • Learn how to make flows for various yoga styles.
  • Enjoy organic and vegan cuisine based on Ayurvedic principles.
  • Learn more about the various yoga styles.
  • Ayurvedic doctors do weekly health checkups.
  • Accommodation for 27 nights


  • Beginner \sIntermediate \sSTYLES
  • Hatha \sIyengar \sKundalini \sVinyasa \sKriya


The group has a maximum of 20 individuals.

Here is extensive information on the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, which includes the entire syllabus for the 28-day Yoga training provided by Yoga Classes in India.

It will go through the history of yoga and how it has evolved over time. From the beginning to how to practise yoga, mantra chanting, Pranayama, Mudras, Yoga Asans, and yoga anatomy and physiology.



Yoga’s beginnings
What exactly is yoga?
Guidelines and Practice
A yoga class’s patterns


Mantra of Ganesh
Mantra of Gayatri
Mantra of Shanti
Mantra of the Guru
Mantra Aum


Bandha of Jalandhar (chin lock)
Mulabandha (root lock)
Uddiyanabandha (abdominal lock)


Kapala-bhati (frontal brain cleansing)
Nadi-sodhanam (psychic network purification)
Bhastrika (bellows breath)
Ujjayi (the psychic breath)
Sheetatli (cooling breath)
Sheetkari (hissing breath)
Bhramari (humming bee breath)
Surya-bheda (vitality stimulating breath)


Jalneti (nasal purifying with water)
neti sutra (nasal purifying with water)
Shankprakshanlana (purifying of the git)
Nauli (abdominal breathing)
Trataka (concentrated gazing)


  • Sukhasana, sidhasana, padamasana, and vajrasana are meditative postures.
  • Pawanmuktasana series, marjariasana, vyaghrasana, suryanamaskar, and chandranamaskar are all dynamic poses.
  • Tadasana, utkatasana, trikonasana, parshwakonasana, veerbhadrasana are all standing postures.
  • Positions for balancing: Vrikshasana, Bakdhyanasana, Natrajasana, Mayurasana
  • Sirsasana, pinchamayurasana, halasana, and sarvangasana are all inverted postures.
  • Merubakrasana and Ardhamatsyendrasana are twisting poses.
  • Shalabhasana, dhanurasana, ushtrasana, kandhrasana, chakrasana, rajkapotasana are all backbend poses.
  • Positions for front bends: Janusirasana, Paschimotanasana, Padprasarpaschimotanasana
  • Relaxation postures include balasana, makarasana, and savasana.


On the Yoga Classes in India’s guest residence near Lakshman Jhula, the resorts are based on single or double room occupancy. Every room has access to western lavatories and a rest room with warm, bloodless water. Every room has Wi-Fi access. The rooms have a king or dual mattress, tables with comfy chairs, air conditioning, a flat screen television with satellite television for computer channels, tea and espresso making facilities, and a wash bag.


The food provided is hygienic and well-prepared yogic food. Natural vegan food is supplied in accordance with ayurvedic standards, and you are expected to be entirely dedicated and obey all of the instructions and disciplines of the yoga course during your training in order to reap the quality benefits. Yoga Classes in India’s trusted team of ayurvedic doctors, vaidyas, will conduct a weekly health test on all students, so that changes in personal diets can be made to cure any fitness aberration or abnormality.


The teacher education will take place in the region of Rishikesh, India.


Free wireless internet is available.
Air-conditioned rooms are popular.


Accommodation for 27 nights
A more in-depth study of diverse yoga techniques
Developing flows for various yoga styles
Every student receives one complimentary massage.
Philosophy classes are held daily.
Yoga courses are held daily.
Every day meditation
Ayurvedic doctors do weekly health checkups.
Vegan and organic meals cooked in accordance with Ayurvedic principles

Daily Routine

6 a.m.: Get up
6.30 a.m.: Tea 7 a.m.: Pranayam
8 a.m.: Hatha yoga / joints and glands
Yoga breakfast at 9.30 a.m.
11:45 a.m.: Anatomy/yoga philosophy/ayurveda
1 p.m.: Yogic lunch
Tea at 3.30 p.m. PRANAYAM at 7 a.m.
4 p.m.: Ashthanga yoga
6 p.m.: Bhakti yog / meditation
Yogic dinner at 7.30 p.m.
8.30 p.m.: Digestive and respiratory problems
Lighting fixtures are turned off at 9:00 p.m.


The payment reduction must be made upon arrival.
A deposit of 20% of the total amount is required to secure a reservation.
If the reservation is cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable.